Conero 4 seasons” was founded with the purpose of introducing the territory through the eyes of people who love it, and live there.

The project started with the aim of creating a company that could change the way of conceiving incoming tourism in the Conero area and in the Marches. The present appeal for tourists is an experiential tourism that could enrich the emotional and cultural expertise of the ones that chose our region as a holiday destination.

Conero 4 seasons resolves this very connotation, organizing well planned experiences in order to make people live the territory and all the beautiful things it has to offer. The activities of the association specifically concentrate on the area surrounding the Mount Conero, but they still give exposure to the other most interesting and relevant points of interest of the region, in order to offer a wider choice to tourists.

The aim is to be able to organize small events to promote the territory, and attend expos in order to expand the network and be able to offer a more detailed proposal.