Osimo:the historic center

The historic center of Osimo is very elegant, full of mystery and history. Walking in the streets of Osimo you will be surrounded by impressive stately buildings, cafes and shops. Rising on a soft hill, Osimo still maintains the atmosphere of the past.

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Osimo:The underground caves

For those who want to experience an exciting adventure, Osimo offers a suggestive alternative in the underground city. About 2,500 years ago ancient people began to dig the hill in depth to make defensive ways and secret passages, to provide water and to survive. Enjoy the mystery and discover the fascinating figures and symbols that populate the underworld. It will be an unforgettable experience!

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I dintorni:Sirolo: the pearl of the Adriatic sea

Nestled in the middle of the Mount Conero park, Sirolo is an old medieval town. Starting from its distinctive terrace overlooking the sea, where you can enjoy a breath-taking view of the limpid Adriatic sea water and the Mount Conero reef, you can walk through its small romantic alleys that lead to the historic centre.

From Sirolo you can reach the most beautiful beaches: Spiaggia San Michele, Spiaggia Sassi Neri, Spiaggia Urbani, and the most famous Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle.

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I dintorni:Numana: the lady of Mount Conero

With its coastal hamlet Marcelli, Numana is one of the most fascinating towns in the Adriatic coast, and the Conero Riviera. There you can enjoy many inlets of a rare beauty, a fine gravel coast, and a small historic centre overlooking the sea, over the town port. From the town port many fishing or touristic boats leave, for the most famous beaches of the Conero Riviera.

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Monte Conero:between woods and beaches

Mount Conero, once called “The mount of Ancona” is the highest promontory of the Marches coast and the second highest of the Adriatic coast. Its area extends from Ancona to Sirolo, that’s where the name Conero Riviera comes from. This promontory has the highest sea cliffs of the whole coast, and a beautiful rocky landscape overlooking the emerald green water of the Adriatic sea.

The Conero Area, though, is not just sea: many hiking paths go through the mount Conero woods, and often give a breath-taking view of the many cliffs overlooking the sea.

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Ancona:Dorian City

Regional Capital, Ancona overlooks the Adriatic sea, and has one of the biggest and most important harbors of the whole coast. A city full of history, art, and monuments, it is called “Dorian city” thanks to the Greeks as they noticed the form of the headland on which it stands. For this reason the town is Called Ancona, that comes from the Greek “Ankòn” (“elbow”).

Most of the area of Ancona is a part of the Conero Natural Park, characterized by evergreen woods and beautiful reefs overlooking the sea (some of which can be reached from the city historic centre). Among the beautiful seaside towns of the area, the most important to mention is Portonovo, a very evocative destination, very popular among tourists where you can enjoy beautiful inlets, gravel or white pebble beaches, and traditional restaurants.

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